Awesome Things To Do In Christchurch Have Some Awesome Family Fun

Christchurch has heaps of fun family activities to encourage you to get out there as a family and enjoy some time together. Here are some tips for times when the budget is looking a bit generous…. And then when you need to be a little tighter on the purse strings.

If money is no object...

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve 

Kids love nothing more than getting up close with animals, and Willowbank is a great way for them to learn about native birds as well as seeing a lot of farmyard animals in person. Enjoy seeing Kea, kiwi and you can even feed those slippery eels!

Animals at Willowbank

Velocity Karts 

If your family is aged somewhere between 8 and 80 years old then this is an awesome unique activity to have them excited about all week. Velocity karts are easy to learn and full tuition is provided before you get behind the wheel… go on and embrace that nor-wester!

Velocity Karts

Flip Out Trampolines 

Who didn’t love bouncing on a trampoline when you were little. Flip Out is the perfect activity for a wet day to help burn some of that childhood energy. Flips, twists or just bouncing, the kids will love it – and I’m sure you’ll be pretty tempted to have a go too!

Other places to visit:

Garden City Helicopters
International Antarctic Centre
Christchurch Adventure Park
Clip and Climb
Orana Wildlife Park
Adrenalin Forest

Free (or close to it!)...

Rediscover the city - When was the last time you took a good walk around the city to see all the new buildings, shops and café’s? Central Christchurch is changing by the day, and it is great to grab the pram and bikes and just take some time to get to know your city again.

Riccarton Bush 

There is some a little magical about this ancient native forest sitting in the heart of a busy suburban location, that seems to hold a secret yet to be discovered. The kids will love the towering trees and if you head on a Saturday morning you can take in the sights and smells of the farmers market too!

Air Force Museum 

For more than just plane geeks! This free museum holds a wealth of history and heritage that the whole family will find interesting. Try stretch the budget just enough for a guided tour and get the inside scoop from the knowledgeable guides.

airforce museum

Other ideas:
Margaret Mahy Playground
Imagination Station
Spencer Park
Canterbury Museum
New Brighton Pier

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