Explore the city Why Christchurch Should Make Your Bucket List

Christchurch is a vibrant destination in transition and there is no other city like it in the world. Add it to your Bucket List and get ready to discover a city unfolding…

1. It's a little bit different.

If you are looking for a quirky and inspiring place, Christchurch will not disappoint. After recovering from a devastating Earthquake, the city is being rebuilt from scratch. The new, emerging city is modern, greener and more creative than ever before. There are some #PocketsofAwesome waiting for you around every corner.

2. Art is splashed all over the walls.

Christchurch's art scene is buzzing and is not afraid to put a colourful statement all across the city. Find your way through an urban jungle of cool graffiti, clever sculptures and humorous installations. The grey days are definitely over, roll on bright future!

3. If you love fresh food and produce, Christchurch is the place for you.

From the neighbour's garden and paddock directly to your plate: The city's restaurants and cafes pride itself of serving freshly made food. Lots of the products used in the kitchens are locally sourced and therefore high quality. Enjoy a glass of Waipara wine, Akaroa Salmon or a real fruit ice cream. Check out our Food & Drink section for delicious inspiration.

4. Can’t decide between the beach or the mountains? Why not both!

In Christchurch you are never to far away from the Alps or the Ocean. Skiing and surfing in one day? Not a problem at all! If you prefer hiking or biking instead, you don't have far to go either: The Port Hills are only a short drive from the inner city and are a great outdoor playground for young and old. 

We have even picked the best beaches in Christchurch to start ticking off your list!

5. There are plenty of events for all to enjoy!

Every year in January the streets of Christchurch resemble one big stage. Buskers from all over the world perform for an audience of thousands. From stand-up comedians to acrobats - Christchurch has it all. The World Buskers Festival is only one of the numerous events going on throughout the year: Shakespeare in the Park, the Festival of Transitional Architecture or the International Film Festival are other highlights.

Keep up to date with the latest local events happening in Christchurch!

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