Explore the city TOP 8 City Adventures

Not always thought of as a high adrenaline destination, here is a list of activities that prove Christchurch is not for the faint of heart!  Get out and about with one of these city adventures…

Adrenaline Forest

Push your mind and body to its limits with this high rope challenge at Spencer Park that will certainly get you high above your comfort zone!

Where to try it – Um… Adrenaline Forest of course.

Photo credit @thisisjacoessa [Instagram]

Canoeing/Paddle boating

So maybe it isn’t a high adrenaline activity, but you are guaranteed to have fun with a group of friends canoeing or paddle boating down the Avon River.  One of  Christchurch’s old favourites.

Where to try it – the green and white stripy Antigua Boatsheds

Photo credit @sarafina_pavia_wotta [Instagram]


Hang 10.  Gnarly wave dude.  First master the surfing lingo, and then master the Christchurch waves and enjoy the many surf beaches around our city. (Don’t quote us on the lingo though!!!)

Where to try it – learn to surf at Learn to Surf.

Photo credit @micsanlaw [Instagram]

Rock Climbing

Canterbury is a rock climbers haven, but we think it best to start your rock climbing career with one of the indoor wall facilities that are warm, dry and importantly super safe!

Where to try it – build up your confidence with Clip 'n Climb.

Photo credit @heyalyhey [Instagram]


From the Avon River through to the great Pacific Ocean, Christchurch has an option for all.  Beginner or super experienced with a kayak you’ll no doubt find an interesting day on the water.

Where to try it – take a city to sea tour with Christchurch Sea Kayaking for a great day out.

Photo credit Chirstchurch Sea Kayaks [Facebook]


Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the craze that seems to be taking over our bays…  get out on the water without having to get into the water! 

Where to try it – whatever your ability, Christchurch Paddleboarding can sort you out. 

Photo credit @skingcreative [Instagram]

Mountain Biking

You don’t need to be on the mountain to mountain bike!  Check out one of the many other tracks around the city and get your high speed fix!

Where to try it – Bottle Lake Forest or McLeans Island are great options, or check out On Your Bike for more.

Photo credit @venturefare [Instagram]

Kite Surfing

This one requires quite a bit of skill, but Christchurch is the perfect place to hone those kite surfing talents.  Harness that brisk Christchurch Easterly wind and prepare for some fun!

Where to try it – The Christchurch Estuary is the home for kite and wind surfing in Christchurch- have a lesson with Groundswell Sports.

Photo credit @triebelsphotography [Instagram]
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