Local Events CSO Presents: Discover the Music 10 May

From the famous two notes that brought life to the world’s most infamous shark to soaring themes that accompanied a victorious army as it assailed the Black Gates of a Dark Lord, film music has always given an extra dimension to motion.

Mark Smythe composer & presenter

The CSO will be exploring the nuances behind film composition as the orchestra performs the score live to the short film Flying South, which takes the audience through the beauty of the wilderness of the South Island.

L.A. based composer Mark Smythe, who wrote the score for the film, will examine and divulge the secrets of film composition. Smythe has been working in Hollywood for several years, composing for film, trailers, advertisements, and TV.

Wednesday 10th May, 6.30pm, Charles Luney Auditorium. Tickets available from Eventfinder.