Local Events Arts Forum 13 March

5.30pm – 7pm, at Christchurch BMW, 30 Manchester Street.

The new Christchurch Arts Forum event series is free quarterly event which anyone can attend. With guest speakers, great food and wine, it's a great  opportunity for people to get together and learn about the evolving arts in the city.

This is an open invitation for all lovers of art to come together, no matter your background - lawyer, artist, city planner, in between jobs, student - to talk about how arts is evolving in Christchurch and leading the rebuild.

Trust us, it'll be anything but boring.

Christchurch Arts Forum

The first event is Monday 13 March 5.30 – 7pm, at Christchurch BMW Manchester Street.

Head to the facebook page to keep up to date with key information for the event series.