Top Foodie Picks The best spots in Christchurch to up your cooking skills

Is spaghetti on toast your “go to” meal?  Or perhaps even boiling water seems a little challenging for your cooking prowess? 

There’s no shame in being hopeless in the kitchen, but if you’re tired of falling back on 2 minute noodles and take-outs here are our top picks on cooking classes to join up to in Christchurch.

Asian Garden Cooking School

Dreaming of your time eating delicious street food in Thailand?  Or perhaps you want to become a master of traditional Asian dishes?  From Bao buns to Green Curry you will be able to wow your friends in no time.  

Photo credit: Asian Garden Cooking School [Facebook]

She Universe School

Become a veritable Willy Wonka of chocolate wonders. You'll feel like an Oompa Loompa in the Chocolate Kitchen as you get hands-on learning (and tasting!) fine chocolate recipes, including how to temper your own chocolate!

Photo credit @sheuniverse [Instagram]

Preserved Cook School

From creating your own sausages and cheeses to learning how to make perfect pasta – Preserved inspire people to be more connected to their food and develop a passion for doing it themselves – you are guaranteed wholesome food at this school!

Photo credit: Preserved Cook School [Instagram]

Italian Dolce Vita Cooking Classes

Head to Tilde’s kitchen to learn about Italian cooking. Everyone gets a chance to try their hands at several techniques, from making fresh egg pasta dough to turning out gorgeous little potato gnocchi!

Photo credit: Italian Dolce Vita [Facebook]

Strawberry Fare Bake School

This Christchurch classic offers you the chance to learn to create their amazing deserts like the Dreamy Creamy Cheesecake! If you are not a sweet tooth you could opt for their bread baking class to create 5 types of bread - carb me up! 

Photo credit: Strawberry Fare [Facebook]

Ground Culinary Centre

Ground offer a variety of cooking classes inspired from around the globe, from Cajun, Asian and Middle Eastern to through to foraging tours where you go in search of your own fare in our very own backyard.  Pop over to Lyttelton to experience this tasty food sensation where there will be a food option to tickle your taste buds.

Photo credit: Ground Culinary Centre [Facebook]

Akaroa Cooking School

If you want to venture a little out of the city for an incredible cooking experience then the Akaroa Cooking School is for you. Known for fabulous food and new cooking techniques this is a relaxed and fun environment that sells out well in advance so be sure to book early. 

Photo credit: Akaroa Cooking School [Instagram]

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