Top Foodie Picks Best Ice Cream Spots in Christchurch

It wouldn't be a real kiwi summer without great ice cream! Luckily in Christchurch it's pretty easy to get your ice cream cravings sorted! Here are our top picks.

Rollickin' Gelato

The Rollickin' Gelato team takes pride in making real Kiwi ice cream with local, organic ingredients and unique flavours like Anne's Ambrosia, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Feijoa, or Ginger Crunch. For all of those who like it a bit more classy, the dark chocolate gelato is irresistible.

Find me here - New Regent Street

Berry Culture

Berry Culture specializes in homemade soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, and creamy dairy free chia pudding with different toppings. Toppings include a delicious range of locally sourced berries.

Find me here - Re-START Mall

Berry Healthy Real Fruit Ice Cream

Deliciously smooth, fruity and not too sweet! We love that Berry Healthy Real Fruit Ice Cream offer low fat frozen yogurt and smoothies as well. If that's not enough, an iced coffee will definitely boost your energy levels!

Find me here - Re-START Mall

Duck Duck Café

Located in the Botanic Gardens, Duck Duck Café is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon. Combine a leisurely stroll through the gardens or trip to the playground with a well deserved ice cream.

Find me here - Botanic Gardens

Totally Gelato

A must stop when you're heading out to Sumner beach. Totally Gelato, a quirky little ice cream shop on the corner of Mariner and Burgess Street offers Italian style gelato, really rich, creamy and smooth. The shop is very popular with locals and tourists and on a sunny day is incredibly busy.

Find me here - Sumner Main Street, in December only open on weekends, in January open daily.

Vanilla Ice

One of New Zealand ice cream pioneers started his business in Christchurch. In 1903, Sali Mahomet aka Ice Cream Charlie set up his cart in Cathedral Square and sold ice cream for the first time. Ice Cream Charlie has since passed on but his legacy remains. Ice Cream Charlie's recipes are still used today and every summer you'll find his Vanilla Truck parked in Victoria Square.

Find me here - Victoria Square, only during summer.

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