The Christchurch craft beer scene has exploded with many amazing brewers who are passionate about craft brewing and producing quality beer. For your drinking pleasure, we have unearthed the top 8 craft breweries across our fair city.

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The Christchurch craft beer scene has exploded with many amazing brewers who are passionate about craft brewing and producing quality beer.

For your drinking pleasure, we have unearthed the top 8 craft breweries across our fair city.

3 Boys Brewery 

Why we love 3 Boys:

After returning to New Zealand from the UK in 2004, Ralph Bungard decided to leave his job as a scientist and start brewing beer (a decision we are very happy with). Now, more than ten years later, his brewery Three Boys is a Christchurch icon.

Must try beer:

There’s no going past the Three Boys Oyster Stout, New Zealand’s top awarded dark beer. 3 Boys use fresh Bluff Oysters in this highly sought after beer!

Best spot to grab a beer:

Try Pomeroys or OGB, you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively head to the 3 Boys Brewery, they pour riggers & growlers from their range plus some special “Brewers Reserve” beers straight from the source at 592 Ferry Rd. Check them out Monday – Saturday!

Photo credit 3 Boys Brewery

Southpaw Brew Co.

Why we love Southpaw Brew Co.:

Southpaw Brew Co. beer is inspired by international trends but are keen to showcase what we have locally (which we love).  Pairing American hops with hops from Aotearoa that complement and enhance the flavours, they take great care with their recipe creation to make awesome beer!

Must try beer:

Uncle Charlie American Pale Ale – it’s hoppy, aromatic, full of flavour and body and is proving to be very popular all over Christchurch.

Best spot to grab a beer:

The best places to grab Southpaw beer are Pomeroys Pub if you’re looking for a place to experience it out, or Punky Brewster if you’re keen to fill a rigger and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Photo credit Southpaw Brew Co.

Harrington's Breweries

Why we love Harrington's

Harrington's is a family owned and operated brewery with seven family members spanning three generations in the operation. In 2016 they celebrated 25 years in the craft beer industry – fair to say they know what they are doing!

Must try beer:

Rogue Hop without a doubt, one of (if not) the largest selling craft pilsners on the NZ market.

Best spot to grab a beer:

From the cellar door of their brewery -  6 Tenahaun Place (they have an amazing range of beers on tap).

Photo credit Harrington's Breweries

Two Thumb Brewery Co.

Why we love Two Thumb Brewing Co.:

Two Thumb Brewing Co. are a family owned brewery and one of the smallest commercial breweries in Christchurch.  Two Thumb do not filter or pasteurise their beers and they are packed with flavour.

Must try beer:

NZPA - The label reads “A distinguished beer with characteristic hoppy flavours and other good stuff”, it has a good hop nose, the malt and bitterness are well balanced and it has a pleasing aftertaste that suggests you try a bit more!

Best spot to grab a beer:

Straight from the brewery - 352 Manchester St, Central City. Two Thumbs Brewing co. have cellar door sales for filling flagons, bottle sales and tastings (which include experimental beers).

Photo credit Two Thumb Brewing Co.

Vulcan Brewers

Why we love Vulcan Brewers:

What is not to love about Vulcan Brewers? With all beers being 100% Vegan these brews are a modern take on traditional styles.

Must try beer:

With too many great beers to choose from we have narrowed down the “must trys” to MacFarlane Scotch Ale, or the Raspberry Porter.

Best spot to grab a beer:

Hit up Punky Brewster Craft Beer Fillery.  

Photo credit Vulcan Brewery

Cassels and Sons Brewery

Why we love Cassels & Sons.:

Cassels & Sons. are a family owned brewery dedicated to quality beer and good times. They are relentless dedication to quality and this shows when you taste their ales!

Must try beer:

Milk Stout, this multi award winning beer is Creamy and smooth, with just an edge of sweetness. The stout combines milk chocolate, caramel and soft fruity esters and leads into a cleansing finish with an ashy, charred malt note and suggestion of tart hops.

Best spot to grab a beer:

The short answer is, The Brewery - 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston. Not only can you buy their brews but you are guaranteed an awesome atmosphere.

Photo credit Cassels and Sons Brewery

Ghost Brewing Co.

Why we love Ghost Brewing Co.:

Ghost Brewing Co. are the masterminds behind many a good brew. From beers for The Great Kiwi Beer Festival to the classic brews at the Dux - Ghost Brewing is certainly the apt name for these masters of beer. 

Must try beer:

Ginger Tom – alcoholic ginger beer! An old fashioned style ginger beer brewed naturally with honey, malt, lemon and fresh root ginger, leaving you with a refreshing crisp zesty flavour (a great summer drop).

Best spot to grab a beer:

Best spots to try Ginger Tom is either in the courtyard of Dux Dine or on the deck at Dux Central.

Photo credit Dux Dine

Wigram Brewing Co.

Why we love Wigram Brewing Co.:

The experience of over 13+ years and the multiple awards speak for themselves. But we love Wigram Brewing Co. because they have a South Island specific “Captain Cook Spruce beer” – that is brewed to Cooks original recipe and source West Coast Rimu & Manuka!

Must try beer:

JETPACK Double IPA – this beer is dry hopped twice with Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade and Riwaka hops. An intense, dank, hop showcase.

Best spot to grab a beer:

Fresh is best, Wigram Craft Beer Fillery - 57 Sonter Rd, Wigram, from tank, to tap, to table. It couldn’t be easier.

Photo credit Wigram Brewing Co.

The city even has a Good Beer Collective with the tag line “home of good beer from grain to glass”. Here at pockets we couldn’t agree more!

"Hop" to it and try one of these local brews.

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